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Deus Ex 3 is an RPG, 'cause Eidos said so, so there!

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Deus Ex 3 is an RPG, 'cause Eidos said so, so there!

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 6 October 2008, 08:54:50

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

According to VE3d IGN, Deus Ex 3 is going to happen as follows:

Deus Ex 3 is indeed an RPG. It's a hybrid action/RPG just like the first game. There is a skill system where you upgrade your character (Adam) based off experience points you earn and you can do the same thing with weapons. It's a game with a very detailed plot with numerous characters you interact with. The gameplay takes the form of a consequence-driven multi-path, multi-solution approach in a non-linear space.​
They intend to do this with a "powerful" and "layered" plot. Oh and they intend to please newcomers with lots of stupidity too:

This said, they are doing their utmost to please newcomers as well as existing fans. Perhaps controversially this time around combat won't be influenced by stats, but will rely purely on your personal marksmanship skills. Instead stats will influence "a vast array of fully upgradeable and customisable weapons", and you'll be able to tailor your arsenal to your play style with mag upgrades, scopes and other add-ons.

What's more, stealth will now rely on a cover system rather than shadows, and damage will be dealt with by a very Call of Duty-style auto-heal. There's probably going to be some debate over those two.​
I played Doom the RPG the other day. I upgraded my shotgun into a double-barelled shotgun. I like RPGs that give you choices like that so you can fully customise your character. Read more about it at CVG.

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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