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The Brainy Gamer studies Fallout 3: Will it be 'Fallout'?

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The Brainy Gamer studies Fallout 3: Will it be 'Fallout'?

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 23 October 2008, 07:15:03

Tags: Fallout 3

Here, truly is some epic fail. The Brainy Gamer sat a few students down with the original Fallout's to see how they went. It's all part of their question on whether Fallout 3 is really going to be "Fallout" or not. Here's one students' attempt:

i have enough to fire a gun and kill a scorpion, but then i'm only 1 action point short to use a weapon and i get screwed because i can't fight back...how do i gain more action points and why do they randomly go away when i'm fighting?​
Yes, why do action points "randomly go away"? Mayhap it is because one is using them? Pressing on...

All of these students have seen the trailers for Fallout 3. When I told them we would play the game immediately after release, they burst into spontaneous fits of delight. I should mention that I made this announcement at the conclusion of our Planetfall discussion, a text adventure they gamely tried to enjoy because I told them they should - but which they mostly detested. In this setting, Fallout 3 was received like mana from RPG heaven. Subsequently, Fallout 1 and 2 were seen as trials to be endured while awaiting the modern gameplay savior of 3.

Then, during the break, something broke. I began to notice increased activity in the discussion forum, which soon turned into a small flurry of posts.​
I'll let you read the rest to find out the results...

In other news, Microsoft has cancelled Fallout 3's release. In India that is. Apparently citing "cultural sensitivities".

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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