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Fallout 3 will be Straighter and More Plausible

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Fallout 3 will be Straighter and More Plausible

Interview - posted by baby arm on Fri 24 October 2008, 05:57:06

Tags: Fallout 3

Long-time RPG scribe Desslock was interviewed over at Planet Fallout on how Fallout 3 has turned out.

PF:And the atmosphere, is it really dark? Less space for humor this time, as Bethsoft seems to imply in their interviews?

Desslock: Definitely less humor, and the setting is darker. It’s still Fallout, and there’s some goofiness like the rock-it launcher, but for the most part it’s played straighter. Bethesda’s strength has always been world-building, and this is the first Fallout where the world/setting actually seems remotely plausible as well – you learn more about the pre-war culture, the actual war and the Chinese opponents, the different Fallout factions are all well development and interesting, etc.​

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