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Fallout the First

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Fallout the First

Game News - posted by baby arm on Tue 28 October 2008, 07:09:50

Tags: Fallout

While most sites are looking ahead to bloomier pastures, GameTrailers is looking back at the original Fallout with a Fallout Retrospective video. Strangely enough (considering this is GameTrailers) the 15 minute clip isn't a total waste of time.

Also on the Fallout retro tip is Eurogamer with a 3 page article.

Scott Bennie, a designer who helped to write and design Fallout along with Chris Avellone (who later wrote Planescape: Torment and is now the creative director at Obsidian) and Fallout 2 hero Chris Taylor, felt that Fallout's bleak setting struck a particular chord with audiences of the time. "After years of generic fantasy RPGs, Fallout was a shock to the system, both for the designers (who got to cut loose after working on fantasy projects like Stonekeep and Descent to Undermountain) and for the audience... There weren't that many post-apocalypse games out at the time we did Fallout," says Bennie. "Wasteland was excellent, but it was severely hamstrung by the limitations of the textual display. Origins' Bad Blood was designed to be an action game. The less said about EA's Fountain of Dreams, the better. As a result of the genre's scarcity - and the appropriateness of graphic violence, harsh language, and a gritty theme - it was easy for Fallout to stand out. Being christened the 'spiritual successor' to Wasteland, one of the most beloved RPGs up to that time, made it even easier to get noticed."​
Chris Avellone didn't help write and design Fallout last time I checked.

Thanks to Dark Matter for spotting the video.

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