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Operation: Anchorage - a Wasted Opportunity

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Operation: Anchorage - a Wasted Opportunity

Review - posted by baby arm on Wed 4 February 2009, 07:27:04

Tags: Fallout 3

NMA took a run through Operation: Anchorage and decided it wasn't worth the time or money unless you're just in need of more Fallout 3.

But apart from graphics and sound effects, a game also has plot and gameplay. Unfortunately, both are, at best, lacking, especially the former, which doesn't make any sense at all. There's no explanation given as to why exactly completing the simulation gives you access to the armoury, why it needs a PIP-Boy to run properly, why it wouldn't accept a power armour's interface, why the Outcasts can't simply force the door open... it's basically Fallout 3's "cool is good" design philosophy, except with the last bits of sense stripped away. Its only saving grace is the simulation itself, which is well done... though its really hard to mess up a simple plot in a linear shooter, right?​
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