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Just who the Hell is Chris Avellone?

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Just who the Hell is Chris Avellone?

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 24 February 2009, 05:33:23

Tags: Chris Avellone claim to have a rather in-depth about Chris Avellone. Here's a slice from Part 1 (Part 2 and 3 yet to come - I hate when they do that):
After probably getting sick to death of my hangdog expression, mounting depression, and the packs of razor blades I would go through lightly dragging each razor across my wrist, Feargus Urquhart decided to break me out of my funk and let me know Torment made a profit, just not nearly as much as Baldur's Gate (the first part was a surprise, the second part wasn’t – Baldur’s Gate sold a lot of units, it’d be hard to top).
The Force has always bugged me from the sense of pre-destination, and I thought trying to make a sympathetic Sith Lord would be challenging, so I went ahead and did it (I don’t think I succeeded, but I enjoyed the challenge).
Also, I think there's a lot of debate to be had on the aspects of following the Light Side vs. The Dark Side, and the general precedent of "following" the Force in the first place. It probably has to due with my unresolved irritation with religion and zealots.

Torment made a profit?

Thanks Fat Dragon!

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