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Feats of Frayed Knights

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Feats of Frayed Knights

Development Info - posted by baby arm on Sun 26 April 2009, 23:09:54

Tags: Frayed Knights

Jay Barnson has been plugging away at Frayed Knights and providing updates. Here's the most recent (posted nearly a week later in typical Codex fashion):
Another thing I have had to do is add a bunch of higher-level feats for the party (and their enemies). While they aren't all fully implemented yet, here's a subset of a bunch of new special abilities characters can acquire as they level up. Right now, I have a "default" level-up list for the four main characters from this list to speed things up, but the player will have a choice of an attribute raise or a new "feat" every level:

Lunge: Character can make extended-reach attacks with fewer penalties
Rank Smack: Character can attack an entire rank at once with a melee weapon
Guard: Character can protect one other character. Sometimes.
Counter: Character has a chance of immediately counter-attacking on a missed melee attack against them.
Hangfire Reaction: Character has a better chance of dodging a trap on a failed disarm.
Spell Homing: Single-target spells more likely to hit.
Healer At Heart: Character's healing spells are more effective.
Spell Volley: Spells can be repeated in less time.
Counterspell: Character can attempt to cancel inbound enemy spells.
Improved Counterspell: Character is very impressive with countering enemy spells.
Spell Reflection: Character has a chance of reversing countered spells back upon the original caster.

I probably need to come up with more amusing names for all of 'em. I like "Rank Smack," but it's hard to figure out what it really does. Maybe "Multi-Smack" would work better. I also need more "active" feats. Getting a bonus under a certain circumstance is all well and good, but again - the fun factor comes from being able to do something new. And cool. Maybe I should just name the feats, "Do Something Cool 1" and "Do Something Cool 2" and so on...

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