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Scars of War interview on Gamebanshee

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Scars of War interview on Gamebanshee

Interview - posted by Monolith on Wed 8 July 2009, 22:57:46

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Scars of War

None other than our brother from another mother interviewed one of the locals about the abyss that is indie game development, carrots and his upcoming vaporware RPG Scars of War.

GB: What can we expect in variation and availability of weapons, armors and useful items, magical or non-magical?

Gareth: In a major break from tradition, Scars features a revolutionary "one weapon/one armor set system", where all you ever need is one weapon and one breastplate to complete the game. We give you those items at character creation and you never find any alternatives, ever.

GB: What inspired you to start working on an indie RPG in the first place?

Gareth: Well, I think the answer is "insanity". It runs in my family, I'm told. Great Uncle Mortimer, that incident with the teacup and the cocker spaniel... best we not dwell on it.​
Now that we've covered the least interesting...

...here's the link to the interview.

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