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Diablo 3 talk with Lichter and Leonard

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Diablo 3 talk with Lichter and Leonard

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 11 September 2009, 15:15:27

Tags: Diablo III

AusGamers talk with Leonard Boyarsky and Christian Lichter about Monks and stuff in Diablo 3:

Simple maths dictates that this means the Monk will use multiple-click attacks, with most combos based around three stages.

Leonard outlines how this will work; "So if you click three times in succession, some of them have three different things he does, some of them do two different things with more of a build-up, and you can mix and match. If you can switch skills really fast - this is where we get into the advanced playing skills - it's once again, the type of 'easy to learn, difficult to master' philosophy that we always try to bring to our game."
"We do have an eye towards the endgame play," Leonard explains. "We do have an eye towards replayability - we have the random quests - once you've played Diablo or Diablo 2 through once or twice, you've gotten all the content pretty much, in terms of quests. With our game, you'll have to play it a little bit more - to get that, we're going to have more layers to it so you can dig deeper. We are really addressing the endgame stuff so there's more interesting stuff to do."
"In a lot of ways, the art style improves through iterations. Like most of the things, we went through and sorted out what's working/what's not working. It's always about gameplay. Does it read well? Does it actually help what you're trying to accomplish? From an art point of view, it's always about being accessible.​
End Note: Game is still years away from release.

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