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Bethesda should pay Interplay millions for Fallout 3

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Bethesda should pay Interplay millions for Fallout 3

Company News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 18 October 2009, 07:21:46

Tags: Fallout 3; Interplay

Some sad moron who invested in Interplay shares has summarised the argument Interplay are making against Bethesda in the whole who's suing who over the failed MMO anyway case:

Interplay argued that they purposefully retained the rights to the original Fallout games when selling the Fallout license to Bethesda knowing full well (as did Bethesda) that Interplay was going to exploit the original Fallout games upon release of Fallout 3. Why would Interplay keep the original Fallout rights and sell Fallout for so cheap unless this was built in as part of the package deal? The original Fallout games are only worth something in relation to sales generated from the release of FAllout 3. Therefore, Interplay did not harm Bethesda in any way by selling the original Fallout games.
Interplay is COUNTERSUING Bethesda. Interplay said that they did disclose the Glutton Creeper deal with Bethesda and Bethesda suddenly terminated the deal with Glutton, which resulted in Glutton suing Interplay. Interplay wants that money back that they had to pay Glutton and legal fees from this. Interplay also claimed that Bethesda materially damaged their name and business by falsely telling Gametap and other companies that Interplay was not allowed to sell Fallout games on their site, per the original agreement.
What really blew me away was that Interplay argued in their court documents that Bethesda breached the contract and messed with Interplay every step of the way (such as sending letters to everyone that Interplay tried to sell the original Fallout games to) to such an extent that the contract is now null and void and therefore the former contract is in effect which states that Interplay owns the Fallout license and Bethesda sublicenses it and only has rights to Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 and Fallout 5. Instead of Interplay oweing Bethesda royalties from Fallout MMORPG, Bethesda should pay Interplay royalties from Fallout 3, in excess of 15-20 million (estimated) as well as damages to Interplay's name, etc.​
Oh God. Will somebody please kill Interplay already? Though if they take Bethesda down with them...

Meanwhile there are some secret Fallout facts over at OXM.

2. Burnout's crash mode replays were the original inspiration behind the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.)

9 The bell that sounds after shooting the Fat Man Nuclear Catapult is the lunchroom bell at the Bethesda offices.

12 The Downtown D.C. area in Fallout 3 was originally twice as big, but the team decided it was too large and confusing and cut half the space out. Conversely, the Wasteland area eventually doubled.​
Spotted @ RPGWatch and GameBanshee

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