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Baldur’s Gate defined a generation

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Baldur’s Gate defined a generation

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 13 November 2009, 23:19:18

Tags: Baldur's Gate

Cue Resolution magazine:
Baldur’s Gate defined a generation. A wealth of role-playing games were born from the success of BioWare’s classic, and the generation of gamers at the time were inspired and amazed by its achievements. It’s games of this impact that push the boundaries of what the medium is thought to be capable of.
Baldur’s Gate defied stylistic and graphical progress in an attempt to maintain the standards of PC role-playing, and with great success. Among the crop of titles on offer at the time, Baldur’s Gate was able to provide a refreshing yet safely familiar experience, one that rallied PC gamers, raising morale and showing that the genre was certainly not dead.

Success can be measured by either quality or quantity. With Baldur’s Gate, neither was compromised by the other.


Spotted @ RPGWatch

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