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Avernum 6 reviewed

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Avernum 6 reviewed

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 25 March 2010, 15:05:19

Tags: Avernum 6; Spiderweb Software

The Gamer Studio takes a look at Spiderwebs latest entry, Avernum 6.

<p style="margin-left:50px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;border-top-color:#ffffff;padding:5px;border-right-color:#bbbbbb;border-left-color:#ffffff;border-bottom-color:#bbbbbb;">Avernum 6 isn't a game that will be known for amazing graphics, and flashy special effects. It may not look like Oblivion, or have the overly cliché characters that the Final Fantasy series has, but that's because it doesn't need them. Avernum 6 is about the adventure, the character building, and offering gamers an RPG experience that isn't seen too often anymore. In Avernum 6's case, the graphics are good. They get the job done, and they work fantastically with the type of RPG the game is. One downfall is the character portraits. They look bad, and out of place. Looking at the artwork shown during the opening of the game, which looks great, makes the portraits even more depressing.

Avernum 6 isn't for everybody, but it is definitely a game RPG fanatics can put a good amount of hours into. There is plenty to be done in this game. It feels like a well-made RPG from the early 90's, so it will tug at the nostalgia strings of your heart. It's worth checking out – scratch that – it's worth playing. You won't see another RPG in the same style, and as well made and enjoyable as Avernum 6 is.

Don't let the simple graphics fool you. This is a top-notch RPG.

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