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Dungeon Siege III Previews

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Dungeon Siege III Previews

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 26 July 2010, 16:27:07

Tags: Dungeon Siege III; Obsidian Entertainment

Dungeon Siege III, currently in development by Obsidian Entertainment, receives some previewing.
Gamesradar concede that the graphics are stunning.

Perhaps the most striking new feature was the one that showcased the game’s stunning graphics. You’ll be able to survey your surroundings more effectively by using vistas – vantage points in areas that let you see far out into the distance, giving a better glimpse of the areas and goals that lie in wait. This has allowed the developers at Obsidian to remove the unsightly mini-map that mucks up the view in most Action RPGs from Dungeon Siege 3’s HUD. It might seem like a terrible design choice at first, but once you see the beautiful landscapes stretching before you from a vista point, we doubt you’ll miss that ugly thing.
NowGamer is excited by the promise of some dungeon crawling.

As ever, the emphasis in Dungeon Siege 3 will be on Diablo-like hack-and-slash combat against hordes of D&D-style enemies with the usual loot drops, weapons and other goodies to run around gathering as you quest. As you'd expect, Obsidian is promising the usual gamut of dungeon crawler environments, from snowy forests to deep dark dungeons for you to explore, but there’s a great epic feel to the world of Dungeon Siege 3 that we can't wait to explore.
And finally Gamespot found out that George Ziets immersed himself into the world of Dungeon Siege, suffering for the greater good I presume.

As with Gonzalez, Ziets first immersed himself in the established world of the franchise, playing all of the previous Dungeon Siege games. He then acquired Dungeon Siege's lore bible from Gas Powered Games, reading and internalizing the backstory of the franchise.
From there, Ziets said he settled upon four conditions to establish what the team should focus on in crafting the new game. These included what he and his team were most excited by, what is most central to the franchise, what can provide interesting visuals and gameplay, and what will make the fans happy.
As a result of this process, the team pulled a number of elements from the original Dungeon Siege. Namely, the game would be returning to the Kingdom of Ebb, and it would focus on the 10th Legion, which was a central protective force. From there, it became a matter of expanding the world by doing their own bit of world-building. To get this process started, Ziets sat down to write the Ebb sourcebook, which is a compilation of short stories, legends, calendars, and even a language.
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