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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview Package

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview Package

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 30 August 2010, 19:30:44

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

Several GamesCom based previews for Deus Ex: HR hit the web.
Starting out with G4TV and some hands-on impressions:

Throughout the conversation, you have to option to use the guard’s depression against him, or assuage his guilt and show him that whatever happened wasn’t his fault. This encounter was relatively easy to navigate, so there was no need to use social augmentations like charm or one that lets you scan your subject’s pupils to get a read on whether they are lying or not, giving you a strategic advantage in the conversation. We chose the “nice” path, which led to the guard happily giving us access to the station. And since we talked our way in, we were free to investigate the entire building (talk to people, use computers to access files, etc.). For the sake of time, we proceeded down to the morgue, got the chip, and calmly and quietly exited the front door without issue.
DigitalSpy found the social route to be not very exciting:

Going down the social route isn't nearly as exciting, but effectively showcases how you can approach the mission in an entirely different manner. Entering the reception with the way onward once again guarded, Jenson turns his attention to the desk and asks for help. As luck would have it, it's an old partner in crime turned police desk jockey, who resents Jenson for what happened to him. Conversations using the social augmentation can crush, please and absolve people, and while pleading with him to progress doesn't work, discussing what exactly lead to his exit from their outfit gives him the peace he has longed for and the way forward you want.

From there, Jenson walks freely through the station, and instead of workers springing from their desks to confront you, or security cameras harshly sounding at your presence, they continue their daily business, allowing you to listen in on conversations that flesh out the story and the game's futuristic world. The guard buzzes you into the morgue and coroner mistakes you for someone who passed him a memo earlier that day, providing you an additional dollop of information and easy access to the hub. While the set-up for this example was very contrived, especially with how the desk worker's opinion completely flips within a matter of sentences, the peaceful route does certainly have its advantages.
Game On found out that Eidos aims to maintain the flow of the game:

Eidos Montreal were quick to stress that combat is designed to be a challenging option and won't be as straight forward as most other first-person or third-person shooters. Perhaps most controversial has been the announcement that Human Revolution will use a regenerating health system. While many see this as a simplification to cater for the console market, the developers emphasised that the decision was made in order to maintain the flow of the game. When replaying the previous games, the developers felt that constantly breaking off the combat to backtrack for health machines or extra medical supplies killed the pace and this was something they wanted to avoid. During the playthrough this certainly seemed to be the case, but how it will work across the different difficulties remains to be seen.
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