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Two Worlds 2 - Tactical Withdrawal rather than Delay

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Two Worlds 2 - Tactical Withdrawal rather than Delay

Development Info - posted by Jason on Thu 30 September 2010, 08:36:57

Tags: Reality Pump Studios; Two Worlds II

SouthPeak Interactive's assertion that Two Worlds II is being delayed in North America until January 2011 due to "heavyweight Quality Assurance" is "factually incorrect" according to TopWare Interactive, insisting that the delay was meant to avoid getting lost in the holiday shuffle.

"Truth be told, fans only have so much time to spend playing these content-rich games, and there were concerns our title could potentially be lost in the fanfare," TopWare managing director James Seaman said in a statement. "Our publishing partner SouthPeak, to their credit, has acknowledged this fact and made an adjustment, postponing their launch of Two Worlds II into early 2011."

The TopWare statement went on to call SouthPeak's assertion that the game wasn't finished "factually incorrect." All production, bug testing, and localization work was finished in mid-September, the company said, adding that this year and next year's Two Worlds II launches will contain the same content (except for patches or updates released in the interim, which could make it onto the 2011 retail launch disc). Instead of working to finish up the core Two Worlds II game, Reality Pump is instead readying its post-launch support and downloadable content plans.​
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