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On Game Design and Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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On Game Design and Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Interview - posted by Jason on Wed 6 October 2010, 17:54:10

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête gave IGN a short lesson on what design is.

IGN: I keep thinking back to Bioware, and how with Dragon Age and Mass Effect they're gradually stripping away the less intuitive elements.

JJB: Yeah... I'm not gonna tell you what I really think of them doing that. But there's always a way to make something rather complicated work well. Our game director is a pragmatic, no-bullshit kind of guy and I'm really lucky to be working with him... one of his main skills is to ask what the reason is for something, and then make it usable and understandable.

And that's what design is! Whether it's game design, graphic design, industrial design, it's the perfect marriage of complexity and usability. If you have a graphic interface that looks beautiful but nobody understands what it is or how to use it, or if an industrial designer makes a beautiful chair that hurts your back when you sit in it, that's bad design. There's always a way to make something work.​
The interview ends on a suspiciously positive note.

IGN: The original Deus Ex had a lot of characters who'd lie to the player, with no foreshadowing and sometimes no explanation. Do you think there's a place for that in a modern commercial game?

JJB: I think it definitely has a place. In just the same way that you might not find certain areas in the game, if somebody totally lies to your face and you finish the game without knowing it, that makes it more fun to replay it. It's the idea of multiple paths.​

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