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Roguelike Updates - Legacy of a Warlord, ToME4, ADOM

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Roguelike Updates - Legacy of a Warlord, ToME4, ADOM

Game News - posted by Jason on Mon 3 January 2011, 21:24:47

Tags: Ancient Domains of Mystery

Alpha 0.51.00 for Legacy of a Warlord is available.

Legacy of a warlord is a Roguelike game. The goal is to provide a game that is extremely modifiable, procedurally generated, and provide a fresh graphical look to the genre of tileable roguelike games.

I am focused on creating a living world that is completely random and challenging every time you play.​
Learn more about the game and the joys of murdering rats at the developer's blog.

ToME4 is at beta 18.

Release highlights:
  • Fixes crash & bugs
  • Fixes unlocks & achievements update on the server
  • Adds player "house"   
Mario gave in to the Linux bullies.

A Linux build of LambdaRogue 1.6 has been released today. The build already contains the latest hotfix.

The build was compiled and linked under Ubuntu 10.10, but should run on any recent Linux distro.​
And discover more about the future of ADOM and JADE in 2011.

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