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AoD Gameplay Video - Carrinas Assassination

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AoD Gameplay Video - Carrinas Assassination

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 6 January 2011, 23:25:44

Tags: The Age of Decadence

Iron Tower Studios have released a gameplay video along with a couple of screenshots:


It took us awhile but we've finally managed to put together a gameplay video from photoshopped screenshots (flip animation FTW). The video shows the second Assassins Guild's quest, the game flow, a night map, fire particles for the easily amused, the PC fighting with allies (just because you don't have an entourage of emotionally scarred people with troubled past doesn't mean you have to save the world all by your awesome self), and an optional third-person view.




Be sure to watch it in 720p so you can read the text clearly.


Thanks Elhoim & A.S.!

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