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Arx Fatalis Patch and Source Code Released

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Arx Fatalis Patch and Source Code Released

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 14 January 2011, 18:09:36

Tags: Arkane Studios; Arx Fatalis

After all these years Arx Fatalis sees another patch. You can download both, patch and source code, here.

- Improved overall game stability under Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7.
- Fixed blinking effect that may happen when starting a new game.
- Fixed HUD scaling when display resolution is higher than 1024x960.
- Fixed EAX option: value is now saved when leaving the option menu.
- Fixed an issue with the game locking-up when opening player inventory.
- Fixed length of cinemascope bars displayed during cinematics.
- Fixed some performance issues with a few Nvidia GPU (see Notes).

- If you experience in game framerate drops or stuttering, please give a try to the "Enable Rendering Fix" option in the Video settings.
- This patch will remain the very last Arx Fatalis update released by Arkane Studios. However, the whole source code of the game is now available for download, which means that numerous fan made updates/mods may be found around the Internet. Arkane Studios won't provide any kind of answer or support regarding community developed content.
Thanks to Ausir.
Spotted at: Bethblog

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