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Two Worlds II Review

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Two Worlds II Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 19 January 2011, 14:35:15

Tags: Reality Pump Studios; Two Worlds II

Allagegaming reviewed Reality Pump's Two Worlds II rating it with 8/10.

Its been years since ive played a game with so much content. I don’t mean value, or replayability, but I mean the outright number of different game modes, settings, matches and sheer scale. The main campaign of the game is bigger in man hours and scale than any of the top RPG franchises currently rocking consoles; Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout, the list goes on. There are more missions, side missions, quests and storylines to be undertaken and involved in than most other titles, and it’s the first game since Oblivion that properly utilises handfuls of different guilds with separate story’s and characters; Fighter Guide, Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, and more. Each provides a great deal of hours playability, and furthermore, exploring a massive game world has neve been more enjoyable. Cut up into a few different islands of all different shapes and sizes, Two Worlds 2s’ universe is great; there are a good deal of unique settings, towns and expanses that offer widely varying environments; the deserts, the cities, the farming villages, the forests - its somewhat amazing in truth, and has to be experienced to be appreciated.
Some will not like this game, that’s a given. Some will simply ignore it from its predecessors reputation and from initial screen shots. Take a leap of faith and give it an honest shot though, and no RPG fan could deny what this offers is second to none. She may not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but she’s got the best personality and the coolest parents. That is to say, don’t be such a shallow gamer and get in on one of the most genuinely interesting gaming gems and classic-feeling RPGs that consoles have to offer.
Could it be that this is the best RPG since Oblivion? Check it out while waiting for Skyrim!!??
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