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Divine Divinity Interview at RPGRadar

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Divine Divinity Interview at RPGRadar

Interview - posted by Mistress on Tue 14 January 2003, 12:18:06

Tags: Divine Divinity

RPGRadar have posted an interview with Frederik De Caster of Larian Studios.

Here's a taster:

RPGRadar- Do you personally feel that Divine Divinity offers the players something that other RPGs don't? What makes Divine Divinity stand out more than all the other RPGs on the market?

Fredric - Divine Divinity is a mix of some of the best role-playing games around; we tried to use the best elements of other role-playing games and combine them into 1 game. We took the action from Diablo, the story from Baldur's Gate and the interactivity from the Ultima Series. Especially the interactivity is something I miss in some of the recent RPG's, if I see a barrel I want to be able open it, move it around, crush it, ... In most other RPG's items are just part of the scenery which is a pity according to me.​

Spotted over at RPGDot

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