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David Gaider defeats Tim Cain

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David Gaider defeats Tim Cain

Company News - posted by Jason on Mon 28 March 2011, 08:14:21

Tags: Tim Cain

Guys, it's time to face facts: we've been backing the wrong horses all along. As Gamasutra points out, Metacritic now provides scores for individuals in the games industry.

A developer's Metacritic profile shows his or her highest-scored title, his or her lowest-scored title, and an average score, along with a list of the individual games on which they've worked and the role they played therein.

"Man, it's bad enough games are judged by Metacritic," quips one multiplayer designer with six years in the industry anonymously to Gamasutra. "Now I'm going to be, too?"

This means we now have scientific, ironclad methods for deciding the relative worth of developers. And the numbers don't lie:

Thanks to CrunchyHemorrhoids

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