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NON-GOG DRM Free Version of The Witcher 2 Details

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NON-GOG DRM Free Version of The Witcher 2 Details

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Thu 14 April 2011, 22:21:31

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


BigDownload is reporting the DRM that will be used for the NON-GOG versions of The Witcher 2:


While the version of The Witcher 2 will still be DRM free, other copies, including the retail version, of the upcoming fantasy RPG will have a DRM set-up. In a streaming press conference today, developer CD Projekt announced that they are using SecuROM for the game's DRM program However the developer also said that the game will only use the system in order to keep pirates from leaking the game before its scheduled release date of May 17.


The game will need a one-time login to the internet to start playing but will not have an "always on" set up to continue playing the game. The Witcher 2 will let PC gamers have unlimited installs on an unlimited amount of PCs and will let people play it on up to five PCs at once.


In related news, The Witcher 2 will have an optional registration that will alert players to future patches as well as give them access to free content updates.


You can of course get your GOG DRM FREE Pre-Order Version here.


Spotted at: BigDownload

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