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Save 50% on all Interplay Games on GoG

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Save 50% on all Interplay Games on GoG

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 21 June 2011, 18:58:59

Tags: Interplay

Good old games have some summer staycation action going on currently, 50% off on all Interplay titles in their catalogue.

‘Staycations’ are all the rage as the economy continues slowly staggering back towards recovery. But even if you're not looking to save cash on your summer vacation, there are still reasons why you should keep indoors, on your PC, and enjoy some classics. Vacations can be expensive (and dangerous!) so why put yourself through all the hassle when you can have a similar experience for much less with

I'm pretty sure the Codex gets like 5 cent for every game sold thru this link, so if you guys would be so nice to click this link and buy, say, 1 million games I'm certain Taluntain will finally be able to afford the yacht he's always wished for.

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