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Dragon Commander: First Looks

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Dragon Commander: First Looks

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 19 August 2011, 20:38:33

Tags: Larian Studios

RPGWatch provide a GamesCom-based preview of Larian Studio's upcoming Dragon Commander.
First of all, according to Swen Vincke, it's not an RPG. But there might be some interesting aspects to it:

Dragon Commander is a mix of role playing, strategy and dragon combat in a steampunk setting. It tells the story of one of the first dragon knights. A story that unfolds during the game.
In the presentation we started at the main ship, which is your hub throughout the game. In this hub there are several people living you can interact with and each of them has their own story arc. The game plays in turns and after each turn you have to make your decisions about a lot of things, both complicated and simple. Decisions about who to romance, what strategy to follow, what to research, who to fight and many other things.
While in combat you will play as a dragon. A dragon equipped with a jetpack and armaments allowing you to toughen the dragon. It is also possible to give him the fantasy equivalent of sidewinders to increase his power even further.
Dragon combat in Divinity 2 just didn’t work. It was fun for a short time, but after a while it got boring. In Dragon Commander it looks like they have solved that problem. The dragon is equipped with a jetpack. If you use it time is slowed down, which gives the dragon the ability to navigate around incoming projectiles and manage large amounts of enemies even though the fights can be very dynamic. The jetpack also allows the dragon to rapidly navigate to a point on the map with a high velocity of 200 meters a second over a map with a size of 20 square kilometers.
While technically not a pure RPG, they seem to shoot for a steampunk setting enriched with choices and non-linearity. I hope it's not the only Divinity game they're preparing.
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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