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Dragon Commander Info

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Dragon Commander Info

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 2 November 2011, 11:43:45

Tags: Larian Studios

There's some sort of interview available on Gamestar.ru about Larian's next title Dragon Commander. With a bit of luck you can extract some info despite the creative translation to english.

- And what about new units? Will they be available by improving technologies?
- So it’s the cool part, where the RPG part becomes so cool, because we have romance, faction relations, political stuff going on and a lot of these gonna be connected with units. If you going to be closer to undead, who are king of religious fundamentalists in the game you will get access to new necromantic magic and if you going to have relations with imps, who are mad scientists and are more liberal, you will be able to use all branch of  hi-tech stuff: maby fragile, maby with tendency to explode, but still very powerful. Units will be unlocked not only by making investments, researches, but also according to the choices that you make.
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