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Age of Decadence Preorders Begin

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Age of Decadence Preorders Begin

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 3 April 2012, 08:07:51

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

Age of Decadence, Iron Tower's turn-based oldschool role-playing game, is now available for preorder! Release date is 2013, and the price is $25.

You can now pre-order AoD, should you choose to do so. Here’s the link:


We’re using BMT Micro, a payment processor which is fast and safe. I used it myself when I bought Eschalon (Thomas’ game) and it’s used by several indie companies.

Why now?

We were asked quite often to start taking pre-orders. We didn't want to do it until everyone had a chance to play the full demo and experience the game. Now, after two demos, you know exactly what we're offering.

You know what we delivered, you know what we’re fixing, you know what to expect. You like what you see and feel it's worth 25 bucks? Show us your support. You don't like what you see? Have doubts? Buy yourself a pizza instead. It's cool.

When to expect?

2013. We’re probably a year away. You can judge the progress by the demo – it has all the features except for Alchemy. All the areas are done and some were shown before, but as you know, we prefer to take our time and do it right. Or at least what we consider to be ‘right’.​

When preordering, you can either pay the standard price of $25...

PRE-ORDER: pay $25, you’ll be sent a download link. The download file is a placeholder. When the game is released, it will be enclosed in a zip file of the same name and you will be able to retrieve the updated file using the same download link sent with your original order.​

...or donate more and receive a bonus:

DONATE: you can select a higher amount and pay more, if you want to. The ONLY reason we set it up this way is because we were repeatedly asked to do so in the past. We’re not asking anyone to pay more, but if you want to, the option is there. To show our gratitude, the very least we can do is offer you some “rewards”, for the lack of a better word:

- $25 (pre-order) – will be listed and thanked in the credits
- $30 (pre-order plus $5 extra) – will receive a nice, golden tag – Patron of the Motherfucking Arts
- $40 (pre-order plus $15 extra) – you can create a filler character* for the game
- Any more than that – we will be very, very grateful. We don’t want to copy the Kickstarter approach and offer tiered rewards. Donate if you feel like it. The tag and the filler character aren’t to entice you to give you more money, but to thank you if you choose to do so.​

Take your pick. For details of submitting a filler character, consult the original thread.

Thanks likaq!

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