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I want to be a Dragon!

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I want to be a Dragon!

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 3 June 2012, 07:05:13

Tags: DragonFlame Studios; Dragons!; Indiegogo

If you too, have ever wanted to be a Dragon!, then Dragons! is the indie in-dev game just for you! It's got an indeigogo (aka Kickstarter with a different name) campaign in progress right now:

A hybrid action-strategy-RPG, with Dragons in the driving seat. Control your own thunder-lizard, and bring havoc to the land. We are DragonFlame Studios, a UK-based indie development company currently working on our first game, Dragons! (note the exclamation mark).

To start the game, you first assign your initial pool of points to each of your four attributes - strength, which determines your hitpoints and physical strength; speed, which governs your speed in both the air and on the ground; intelligence, which determines your mana reserves; and willpower, which determines spell and breath attack strength. You can also select your elemental type from a choice of fire, ice, storm or earth, which affects your starting breath attack (flame, ice, lightning or boulder respectively), along with the spell types initially available to you. You can also customise your appearance, choosing your dragon's colour, basic shape, and wing design.

Once you have chosen your starting dragon, the world is randomly generated, and you start in your initial lair with a small amount of gold. Your treasure pile is immensely important - you level up as you collect gold and treasure, gaining further attribute increases and access to more powerful spells, so guard your treasure pile well. You can gain treasure through raiding towns and villages, destroying trade caravans, defeating monsters, or through completing quests offered by each of the three factions.
Dragons! has been our labour of love for the past 2 years - it came out of a simple question asked during a gaming session; how many games let you actually play as a dragon?​

They only want a mere $4,000 to bring Dragons! to life and they have just 15 more days to get it... So, how many games are there that let you play as a Dragon now?

Thanks it's most likely the developers who dumped this in our inbox Guest!

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