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Neverwinter Nights Chat Log at Neverwinter Vault

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Neverwinter Nights Chat Log at Neverwinter Vault

Interview - posted by Mistress on Fri 31 January 2003, 17:41:37

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Vault have posted the log from their chat with the Bioware Live team.

TalNukenin: Beyond gnolls, any more classic D&D creatures coming down the pipeline (not counting those in the expansions)?

Jay Watamaniuk: Yes there is- however I would destroy the fine, fine surprises that await by talking about them now wouldn't I? :) The descriptions in the Road Map are taken direclty from the Monsters Manual...mostly. Although if you're good at guessing stuff I did put some hints into the descriptions.

Plenty more creatures to fill caves with!

Spotted over at RPGDot

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