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Obsidian Entertainment Interviews

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Obsidian Entertainment Interviews

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 10 July 2012, 11:47:47

Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment; Tim Cain

We have interviews available with Codexian darlings Tim and Chris.

Gamereactor has put up a video interview with MCA.
David Caballero caught up with Obsidian's Chris Avellone at this years Gamelab in Barcelona and peppered him with questions regarding Wasteland 2, Kickstarter and all of Obsidian's current and possible future RPG projects.

Plus, Gamestar.ru published their next entry of Obsidian interviews, this time featuring Tim Cain.

What in your opinion are the key moments in RPG genre that defined the direction all the games made after?

For better or worse, I think several features have been introduced into the genre that have forced many subsequent RPG's to include them. These features are not found in every RPG, but they are quite noticeable when absent:
  • level-based character advancement
  • automapping
  • real time combat
  • quest-based adventuring
  • multiplayer
There is also a trend towards strong storylines as opposed to strong character development. The former leads to linear world settings, either for the whole game or to major portions of it, to support the story telling effort.

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