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Chaos Chronicles, Turn-based Fantasy RPG Announced

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Chaos Chronicles, Turn-based Fantasy RPG Announced

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 15 August 2012, 11:37:18

Tags: bitComposer; Chaos Chronicles; Coreplay

The success of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (so it has been successful, really?) has apparently prompted Coreplay and bitComposer to announce Chaos Chronicles, a turn- and party-based fantasy RPG. The information is scarce at this point, but there is a press release and an official product page, describing this game as a return of "classic" role-playing games:

The classic role-playing game is coming out in 2013 for Windows PC

Eschborn, August 13, 2012: bitComposer Games is announcing Chaos Chronicles, a classic, turn-based role-playing game (RPG) for the coming year 2013. The game is being developed by the Munich-based studio Coreplay, which was also responsible for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. The fantasy RPG will be available for (Windows) PC.

Chaos Chronicles leads PC gamers into a lost empire full of legends, thrilling adventures, and dangerous opponents. Players can explore numerous ancient ruins, mystical places, and mysterious dungeons alone or in a group of up to five players. Chaos Chronicles unites the typical characteristics of classic turn-based role-playing games with modern graphics and a gripping atmosphere. The sophisticated gameplay will captivate veterans of the genre as well as newcomers.

  • Back to the roots! Chaos Chronicles offers a turn-based fighting system that will put a smile on the face of every fan of traditional RPGs.
  • Shoulder to shoulder! Up to five players can join forces to play through the complete campaign
  • Lush graphics meet old-school feeling! Chaos Chronicles combines a lavish look with the dense atmosphere of the Dungeon Crawlers of old.
  • Wanted: A new hero! A comprehensive character editor ensures that every player can build his very own hero.
  • Travelling becomes retro-epic!
    - A world map allows travelling like in good old times, as role playing games were still role playing games
    - Random fights boost the excitement: Will the goal be reached or will you be involved in a thrilling fight? ​
  • Out-of-game online features! Players can meet up via social media platforms.
  • Everyone can join! The flexible experience level system allows rookies to explore the world of Chaos Chronicles alongside experienced players.
So is this going to be co-op or what? In any case, there are also some screenshots available at Gamebanshee if you want to take a peek.

Spotted at Gamebanshee

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