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Chaos Chronicles

Chaos Chronicles

There are 20 articles associated with this tag:

21-Dec-2017 [Game News] Exclusive Reveal: Realms Beyond, an upcoming fantasy RPG from the developers of Chaos Chronicles
10-Sep-2015 [Editorial] RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - SpellForce 3, ELEX, D:OS EE, The Guild 3, Daedalic and more
30-Jul-2015 [Game News] WTF: New turn-based RPG Demons Age looks suspiciously like Chaos Chronicles
22-Feb-2015 [Editorial] 2013: The Year in Review
8-Oct-2014 [Game News] Chaos Chronicles resurrected? Resurfaces on Steam as "Century of Chaos"
11-Aug-2013 [Development Info] Coreplay Issues Statement in Response to bitComposer Interview
8-Aug-2013 [Interview] RPG Codex Exclusive Interview: bitComposer's Take on the Chaos Chronicles Dispute
1-Aug-2013 [Game News] bitComposer issue official statement on Chaos Chronicles
21-Jul-2013 [Game News] Bad News: Chaos Chronicles development on hold due to legal trouble with bitComposer
9-Apr-2013 [Community] Chaos Chronicles forums now live on the Codex
9-Jan-2013 [Development Info] Chaos Chronicles Dev Blog Update
13-Dec-2012 [Development Info] When Evil Lurks, News on Chaos Chronicles
9-Nov-2012 [Development Info] Chaos Chronicles Developer Blog: Sound Design
25-Oct-2012 [Development Info] Chaos Chronicles Development Blog: Group Combat
17-Sep-2012 [Interview] Chaos Chronicles Interview @ Gamers.de
13-Sep-2012 [Development Info] Chaos Chronicles Development Blog: Hexes vs. Squares
7-Sep-2012 [Interview] RPG Codex Interview: Chaos Chronicles
30-Aug-2012 [Interview] Chaos Chronicles Interview at Dagon's Lair
27-Aug-2012 [Development Info] Chaos Chronicles Developer Blog Launched
15-Aug-2012 [Game News] Chaos Chronicles, Turn-based Fantasy RPG Announced

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