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Chaos Chronicles Interview @

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Chaos Chronicles Interview @

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 17 September 2012, 16:40:54

Tags: Chaos Chronicles; Coreplay

There's an interview available at with Coreplay about their upcoming turn-based cRPG Chaos Chronicles. The english translation starts at page 5. You mentioned that the travel will be in real time. But how about the movement in cities and settlements? Will there be bonds to the “Realms of Arkania”-games, similar to the world map?

Coreplay: The players will explore the world map and the dungeons in real time. If a battle encounter starts, the game will switch to turn based-mode. However, cities and settlements will use a different system, which we will reveal at a later date. Regarding the world map. I think that´s an important topic for CRPG gamers. On your blog you mentioned random battles on many occasions. But will we also see random events, like illness, broken shoes, mysterious strangers or UFOs?

Coreplay: The term random battles might be misleading; indeed the player’s goal is it to get rid of the monsters who invested the land. This happens on a regional level, will be possible to gradually free a region by destroying goblin camps for example. As long as the territory isn’t safe, hostile patrols might still occur. There will be no real random events but many planed and orchestrated events from our authors.

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