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Coreplay Issues Statement in Response to bitComposer Interview

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Coreplay Issues Statement in Response to bitComposer Interview

Development Info - posted by Grunker on Sun 11 August 2013, 23:51:10

Tags: bitComposer; Chaos Chronicles; Coreplay; Peter Ohlmann; Wolfgang Duhr

The Codex recently published an exclusive interview with bitComposer's Wolfgang Duhr, in which he responded to the current dispute between Coreplay and bitComposer concerning Codex pet project Chaos Chronicles.

Today (August 11, 2013), Coreplay responded to the claims bitComposer made in the interview via a statement sent to us and to GamesInquirer.

Here's a snippet from the statement:

After that, we made several proposals for a final solution with no success. Finally, a meeting between bitComposer and us took place on Friday, May 31 2013. In negotiations lasting more than five hours, to which bitComposer’s lawyer was connected by telephone, the parties discussed and negotiated every detail of a final agreement between bitComposer and Coreplay to realize the completion of 'Chaos Chronicles.' A contract was written clarifying all the terms and conditions, by which bitComposer would transfer all their alleged rights to the game to Coreplay and would in return be paid immediate compensation. By the end of the negotiations, both parties agreed to sign this contract and bitComposer firmly declared that they would send a signed copy of the contract on the following Monday, June 3 2013. But to our great disappointment bitComposer has up to the present day neither sent the signed contract back nor have they contacted us.

In bitComposer’s recent statements they mentioned a meeting on July 24 2013. Before this meeting took place, bitComposer had already declined to sign any agreement in this meeting. But what is the point of negotiations if one party has no intention of reaching an agreement? As we did not want to experience a repetition of the lengthy and fruitless negotiations of May 31 2013 without any outcome, we did not attend the meeting.​

Read the full statement here or at GamesInquirer.

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