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10 Fantasy Fights releases Beta 1.0 (and it's free to play)

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10 Fantasy Fights releases Beta 1.0 (and it's free to play)

Game News - posted by Zed on Sun 9 September 2012, 17:34:27

Tags: 10 Fantasy Fights; Merry Prankster Games

I stumbled upon this game in the Contact Us inbox. It's not a browser game, it's not a facebook game, and it fits the site profile (somewhat)! Amazing. Incline of the Contact Us inbox.

So what is it?

10 Fantasy Fights is a demonstration game by Merry Prankster Games. In 10 Fantasy Fights, you control a party of adventurers though a series of 10 fights designed to exercise all aspects of the SENG game engine. You will rapidly advance from a simple battle of a single inexperienced warrior against lowly minions, all the way to controlling a mighty band of legendary heroes against a near-invincible demon lord.

10 Fantasy Fights is a single player computer role-playing game for computers running Microsoft Windows. 10 Fantasy Fights is evocative of the classic CRPG games of the 90s, but updated to run well on modern computers, using modern technology.​

Tell me more!

Pause-able, Real-Time game-play - 10 Fantasy Fights runs in real-time for maximum realism, but allows you to pause the game any time to issue orders to your adventurers.
Party-Based - In 10 Fantasy Fights you control up to 4 main heroes, and can control additional summoned creatures.
Custom Game System - 10 Fantasy Fights uses the custom SENG RPG system, which will be familiar to pencil-and-paper RPG players, but updated to work well in a real-time computer environment.
Character Development - 10 Fantasy Fights features over 80 skills, hundreds of spells, and hundreds of items to customize your heroes to your liking.
3D graphics - 10 Fantasy Fights uses a fully 3D graphics engine to provide a detailed, dynamic environment for your adventures.
Varied Adventure - 10 Fantasy Fights will lead your party through 10 fights with widely varied environments and tactics.
Free - 10 Fantasy Fights is a demonstration game, and is free for your enjoyment. Please give Feedback on the game so we can improve our games in the future.​

So there you have it. Free to play beta of a party-based RPG. Here's the game's website and here's the download page.

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