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Gamebanshee Reviews XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Gamebanshee Reviews XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Review - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 23 October 2012, 19:31:16

Tags: Eric Schwarz; Firaxis Games; XCOM Enemy Unknown

Eric "sea" Schwarz has penned a lengthy review of XCOM Enemy Unknown for Gamebanshee, and it's kinda negative. I will quote the conclusion for you:

XCOM Enemy Unknown is a frustrating game to review, because there are a lot of very good, very smart design choices in it, but it's impossible not to compare it to its forefather. It's clearly a love letter to the franchise, but it's also one that hasn't been afraid to make changes. Unfortunately, in my opinion, not all these changes have been for the better, and I think that they strip out layers of complexity in favor of accessibility. While the original game was very much targeted towards hardcore strategy fans, this new one is geared towards more casual, pick-up-and-play audiences, and that's why I question its longevity - will people really still be singing this game's praises and debating the finer points of its gameplay 15 years later? I can't see that happening.

There are two ways you can look at XCOM Enemy Unknown - either as a brand-new game made in the spirit of the original, intending to evoke the feel but not the particulars, or, as a pale imitation of a classic PC game that has suffered from the many compromises made to make the game work for consoles and the triple-A industry. Both perspectives are valid, and I agree with both. If you are looking for a solid strategy game with fun tactical combat, but one that doesn't require months to appreciate, then X-COM Enemy Unknown is the game for you. But, if you've grown up with the original and have just got done playing the latest Crusader Kings expansion or Jagged Alliance 2 mod, you might want to ignore those UFOs on the horizon.​

(Gamebanshee reviews it so it's an RPG.)

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