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Slow News Day: GOG.com EA Sale

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Slow News Day: GOG.com EA Sale

Information - posted by Zed on Fri 2 November 2012, 21:23:15

Tags: GOG; Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos; Nox; Ultima; Ultima Underworld

The folks over at GOG.com* (formerly Good Old Games**) are having a pretty sweet sale on EA titles.

RPGs on sale:
Ultima 1-9, Ultima Underworld 1-2, Nox and Lands of Lore 1-3. A few of these are sold in bundles.
The sale also includes some really good non-RPGs such as Dungeon Keeper 1-2, Alpha Centauri and Theme Hospital.

The sale will run for three days.

* This is a referral link supporting the RPG Codex, so make sure to use it. Or else.
** Yes, they changed their actual business name to the very descriptive "GOG.com".

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