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Project Eternity Kickstarter Update #30: Game Development 101

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Project Eternity Kickstarter Update #30: Game Development 101

Development Info - posted by Infinitron on Sat 10 November 2012, 14:21:35

Tags: Adam Brennecke; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

It looks like Obsidian Entertainment are serious about keeping up with these regular Kickstarter updates for Project Eternity.

In this week's update, Adam Brennecke begins a new series, where he will explain to us lucky contributors about the various developer roles on the Project Eternity team.

We have many different roles (sometimes called "hats") on the Project Eternity team. Most of the team fall into three categories: content creators (makers of stuff), programmers (making the stuff work), and production (making sure the stuff gets made). Our role percentage breakdown is a bit different than what we typically have on a project. If you look at my fantastic pie-charts below, you can see that we are content focused because we have larger design team, and since our team size is small we don’t have the need for a large production staff.​


All of these roles are equally important and are all vital for making the game great.​

Read the entire update here.

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