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Oxygen 0.0.2 released

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Oxygen 0.0.2 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 11 February 2003, 01:32:00

Tags: Oxygen

Oxygen, a space based, sci-fi(duh), action CRPG allowing you to roam the cosmos and trade, pirate, and so on, has released a test version for you lovely people to try out. Here's what the developers say about the title:

Oxygen is an overhead space action rpg, where the player takes the role of a freelancer starship pilot, and, given by the openended galaxy, he may choose his goals as he see fit (mercentile, piracy, trading, adventure ...). powered by SDL and Kyra.​

And here's a list of what to expect in this version:

- designed background pattern for background (basic color with "stars" sprites), spread the stars in a random manner (though consisting of a pattern).
- the star generator randomly generate background-stars as you move, optimized it.
- designed a few more asteroids and made an asteroid generator.

- splitted weapons into weapons and projectiles, and marked the life of a projectile by distance travelled rather than frames lived.
- directed the projectiles by the sprite direction rather than the actual direction.
- fixed exhaust problem. (rotation of exhaust around ship's center was way off).
- made a sin/cos table for the ship's image rotations, in order to prevent these unnecessary calculations.​

The world needs more space CRPGs.

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