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Avernum 3 Review at The Longest Line

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Avernum 3 Review at The Longest Line

Review - posted by Mistress on Tue 11 February 2003, 15:42:15

Tags: Avernum 3

The Longest Line have posted a review of <a hrev="http://www.avernum.com/avernum3/index.html">Avernum 3[/url] by Spiderweb Software.

Rule 1 of Avernum: Do not play in High Resolutions. Rule 2 of Avernum: DO NOT PLAY IN HIGH RESOLUTIONS. Rule 3 of Avernum: No Pets. In many games, high-resolution is equivalent to good. However, such is not the case in Avernum 3. By playing in high-res, the only thing you'll get is a headache, because the screen is shrunken. This makes your party absolutely tiny (who are already small as it is). Being as this is an old school type RPG, do not go into it expecting great visuals, because you'll be disappointed. Graphics don't always bug me, but the characters in this game don't even have animations! The original Zelda for the NES at least has some animations. This is to be expected, as the developers focused on creating an engaging story line, not an awesome graphics engine.

Now, from all these negative remarks you may think that I hate the game. However, there is one thing I have yet to mention: Avernum is fucking huge. Seriously, this game is right up there with Morrowind with the amount of shit you can do, and how you can do it. Don't want to fight? Fine! Be a merchant! The amount of freedom in this game is immense, and is the main reason I'm drawn to the game.​
Gameplay over graphics, every time. Just like in life, the fact that it's pretty doesn't mean you're going to have a good time...

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