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Legend of Grimrock 2 Announced

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Legend of Grimrock 2 Announced

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 21 February 2013, 15:46:03

Tags: Almost Human Games; Legend of Grimrock 2

As it turns out, the new "Grimrock-related project" that Almost Human Games are currently working on is not an expansion or DLC, but a sequel - Legend of Grimrock 2:

Secondly, and this is a biggie (probably more to ourselves than you!), we are now officially working on… Legend of Grimrock 2! Creating a mere DLC or expansion to Grimrock simply would not have felt right. As today’s meeting proved, we still have a lot of ideas we’d like to explore, lots and lots of new content already done (originally made for a DLC/expansion) and a big engine update in the works. Simply put, a DLC would have limited too much what we can do. With a full blown sequel we can raise Grimrock to the next level.

I’m sure you had all this figured out for a while already, but announcing a project is something we don’t take lightly, so we had to be really sure that this is the thing we want to blow our hearts and souls into.

So, the cat is out of the bag, and this post is already getting quite long. I’ll leave the details to the development updates that we’re going to start posting again as the work progresses. Oh, there’s so much to tell…​


There goes my hope for a Chaos Strikes Back-like expansion.

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