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Torment Kickstarter Update #18: Assorted Administrative Details

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Torment Kickstarter Update #18: Assorted Administrative Details

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 9 April 2013, 16:26:18

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Kevin Saunders; Torment: Tides of Numenera

As promised last week, today's Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter update sums up the crowdfunding campaign's final tally, as well as providing various other administrative details. Here are the important bits:

This update covers some important administrative matters. In general, we plan to make more use of our tumblr site and Facebook to share information on the project – we will use Kickstarter updates less frequently and to provide information we want to communicate to all backers. So if you want the most and latest Torment information, please follow our tumblr site. This allows you to opt-in if you want to hear more from us.​

The Final Tally

Through April 5th, our donations via PayPal came to $160,495, yielding a total of almost $4.35M (and just over 77K backers) through the end of Friday!​

As we mentioned over the weekend, we will include all donations through PayPal through April 30th in determining whether the $4.5M Stretch Goal was met. An additional $19,575 was donated since the Kickstarter ended, and we are currently at $4,368,997 as of the end of Sunday. Through the end of the month, we’ll be posting new totals on tumblr on Mondays and Thursdays, so please follow us there if you are interested in tracking our progress toward $4.5M. New pledges, pledge upgrades, and add-ons will all count toward whether or not this Stretch Goal is met.​

Managing Your Pledge and Add-Ons

Following Wasteland 2, we set up our own database system to manage backer pledges, add-ons, and such. We’ll be leveraging this system for Torment as well. If you haven’t already, please register with us at our website.​

Over the next month or so, we’ll receive the information from Kickstarter regarding your pledges and this information will become available in our system. We will notify you when this transfer is complete – at that time you’ll be able to see information there regarding your pledge. From our experience with the end of Wasteland 2’s Kickstarter, we expect this process to take several weeks – we appreciate your patience.​

Another month or two after that, we’ll ask you for information regarding add-ons you may have selected, get your address information for sending you any physical goods, and ask you any other questions related to your pledge. We don’t plan to do this through Kickstarter’s system, but through our own. This allows us greater flexibility and to consolidate all of the PayPal backers and Kickstarter backers in one location.​

Forums and UserVoice

Some have asked about a forum for Torment. We do have an interim forum that we set-up a couple weeks ago alongside the Wasteland 2 forums (scroll down). We may do more with Torment forums in the future, but here at least is a temporary home outside of the RPG communities linked to on our tumblr site. (Communities who wish to be added to this list, please contact us.)​

We plan to continue to use the UserVoice system throughout development. We have found this experiment to be good for some purposes, but we are still iterating on how to best use it and we’ll probably make changes in the weeks and months to come. After we have the list of confirmed backers from Kickstarter (within the next month or so), we will have backer-only forums on UserVoice. (We may or may not keep a public forum that non-backers can access.) Note that registering for Torment as mentioned above also registers you for the Torment UserVoice system.​

Remember, there's going to be a vote on the game's combat system sometime within the next few months, so make sure to register.

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