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Might & Magic X Update: Combat Mechanics Overview

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Might & Magic X Update: Combat Mechanics Overview

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 8 August 2013, 17:07:42

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

Today's Might & Magic X Legacy open development blog update is a thorough overview of the game's combat mechanics. Here's an excerpt:


When it's your party's turn, each character can do one of the following:
  • execute a ranged attack
  • execute a melee attack
  • cast a spell
  • execute a warfare ability
  • prepare to defend attacks
However, ranged attacks can only be launched against monsters that are not adjacent to the tile the party stands on and has no blockers in the direct line between party and distance monster.


When the party is engaged in combat with a group of monsters, one of the monsters in front of the party is selected by default as target for melee attacks or spells. You are free to switch selection to any other monster in front of the party without restrictions and as often as you like. If the selected monster is not in front of the party anymore (for example because it got killed or the party has turned by 90°), another monster gets selected automatically to be the next target.


Hit Chance
Party characters and monsters have an attack value for melee and/or range attacks. Characters get their attack value from skills, monsters have a fix value. The attack value and the defender’s evade value determine the hit chance for a strike (strikes are part of attacks).

Armor Value
Each armor has a certain armor value that reduces the incoming melee and range damage by a certain extent.

Resistance Value
A character's resistance towards the different schools of magic determines how big the chance is that the respective character avoids a spell/magic effect of that school. Also, the incoming magic damage of that school is decreased by a certain extent.

Defend Action
If characters use the defend action, their turn ends and their evade value is increased until the start of the party’s next turn.

Both melee and range attacks consist of strikes. A strike is the confrontation of an attacker and a defender. Some skills may add additional strikes with a certain weapon (this only applies when the attacker has two melee weapons equipped) to a certain target during the attack.

A default range attack consists of one strike with the character's range weapon, while a default melee attack consists of one strike with each equipped weapon. Strikes for the main-hand are always executed before strikes with the off-hand.

Both monsters and characters have a certain amount of block attempts at each enemy's turn.
Check out the full update for more information and some nice screenshots of the party fightin' nagas. I love that combat log.

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