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Divinity: Original Sin Pushed Back to February 28, Swen Vincke Explains the Risks

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Divinity: Original Sin Pushed Back to February 28, Swen Vincke Explains the Risks

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 26 September 2013, 17:03:44

Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Larian Studios; Swen Vincke

Larian have pushed back the release of their crowdfunded turn-based RPG Divinity: Original Sin from this Fall to February 2014. They've even given us the exact release date - February 28, despite Swen Vincke's recent announcement that he'd never "commit to a release date" until his games are 100% ready to ship.

We are very determined to implement all the extra features gained through stretch goals the way they should be implemented, which essentially means that we want to incorporate them in the story, the world and the gameplay mechanics.

This is taking us more time than we originally thought, and so, rather than cancelling a feature or a goal, we decided to move the release of Divinity: Original Sin from this fall (as originally announced) to this winter, specifically to February 28th 2014.

We realize this may be disappointing for some people who had hoped the game would still come out this year, but really, we think you'll have a much better RPG experience when everything we wanted to put in, is actually going to be in.

For backers that have Alpha access, expect to have the rough and rugged version of Original Sin by November. Beta should be your New Year's present in January!

What are they thinking?

For those interested in the details of the how and why, check out Swen's brand new blog entry, in which he explains his thoughts on postponing the release of Divinity: Original Sin.​

Apparently it's a pretty risky decision for Larian, according to the above mentioned blog post:

... implicit within the announcement is the message that we’re going to be investing much more in Divinity: Original Sin than we already invested, and thus increase our risk significantly. Releasing in February means we’re adding four to five months of extra development time, and the plan is to have pretty much our entire team work on it, together with a couple of outsourcers. Given that there are around 40 people in our team, that’s quite an increase for DOS’ final price tag. ... One big downside of delaying the game is that it’s not out now and that we can’t work on other things I planned for. This is something that could potentially have quite an impact on our studio, because it means that should DOS fail, we won’t have many fallback options, as nothing else will be in production. Of course, there’s always the plan B that is to do work for hire, but if you read my older blog entries, you’ll know that’s a trap I’d rather avoid.​

Good luck, Swen; it looks like you'll need it.

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