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Paper Sorcerer Now on Steam Greenlight

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Paper Sorcerer Now on Steam Greenlight

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 19 November 2013, 20:44:12

Tags: Paper Sorcerer; UltraRunawayGames

Wizardry 4-like RPG Paper Sorcerer, which was released just recently, is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking your support:

So, do support it if you enjoy this kind of dungeon crawling RPGs.

There's also been a few updates since the game's original release. The latest one, update 1.6, adds the mouse look invert option and changes the character revival rules:

In the controls menu on the title screen, you can now invert mouse look if you so please. Other changes include being able to revive party members by simply resting, instead of restoration crystals being the only thing to do that.​

Sounds casual! Aside from that, there's also been some new content added in version 1.5:

There's a new series of puzzles near the end of the game, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. The main usability feature is on the main menu, a way to rebind your controls, which I'm sure will especially help those using non-QWERTY keyboards.​

I wonder how interesting and/or substantial the new puzzles are, exactly.

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