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Oxygen 0.0.4 released

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Oxygen 0.0.4 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 24 February 2003, 11:21:21

Tags: Oxygen

Project Oxygen has updated to version 0.0.4. Here's the changes:


- created sin/cos tables for all 360 degrees, sin/cos function are no longer calculated in the game.
- created a vault storage vector, and a deleting function - for better cleanups when the program exists.
- the keyboard events are now handled by an appropriate KeyMap class.
- energypoints recharge are now based on seconds, and not frames.

- created a primitive targetting for ships - can target the closest asteroid, or target none.

- the sprite framecount is now 72 instead of 64.
- made smart projectiles which seek the item targetted by the launcher ship. (homing missiles, in english)
- wrote a basic elastic-collision between the main ship and the asteroids.
- missiles are now actual weapons, each one has a hardpoint.
- added a manual/auto commands to cycle between missiles. (when a missile fires, it automatically chooses the next missile of this type, and if none are present it switches to the next missile type)

- added blue stars, each having a 50% chance of showing instead of a white one.
- applied the elastic collusion between asteroids too.
- removed the generation of asteroids for now. (it was really unbalanced)

:space station
- rewrote the gui class. image's OnMouseOver is now pixel perfect. (the infomenu is still using the old one since it's temporary)
- created the beginning of the "weapon shop" console menu.
- applied effects like moving text, fading images, and OnMouseOver in the menu.
- wrote a basic buy command for missiles. (adding the missile in the first empty slot)​

Wow, he's really moving on this thing.

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