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Age of Decadence December Update

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Age of Decadence December Update

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 6 January 2014, 00:29:06

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

Vince has posted a new development update for his turn-based RPG The Age of Decadence, available for preorder on Steam early access. Have a snippet:

Our first 45 days on Steam. It’s an important milestone because it’s our first release on a major portal, outside the safety of dedicated RPG sites. I wasn’t sure how well the game would be received by a wider audience and whether or not they would enjoy it or reject it outright.

So far the reception’s been very and surprisingly positive, so we spent less time in the trenches dealing with complaints and more time processing feedback and planning updates. We’re aiming to update the game every month, which means that we have to work on the rest of the game while simultaneously improving the early access areas and making everything better and then much better.

Overall, the feedback can be summed up as “More!” which is encouraging. Namely, more quests (especially non-combat quests for loremasters, thieves, and grifters) and more characters to talk to in general. In fact, more characters to talk to (and more worldbuilding) is request #1.

We agree, of course, that Maadoran should have a lot more content and be a busy city with history and secrets and we’ll do our best to deliver, one update at a time.

The January update will feature:

- Achievements so that we can see how people play the game, what they do, and how far they get
- A little adventure for loremasters, a storyteller at the local inn, and a caravan master.
- Quest tweaks – now you can loot the Crimson Eye artefact from Gaelius’ body or get it from Serenas, if you manage to convince him that he shouldn’t fear magic. This will open the tower of Zamedi to assassins, thieves, and praetors.
- The healing machine placeholder has finally been replaced with the real thing; our apologies for the inconvenience.
- Training from Kemnebi and Erebus.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

And finally some trivia:

We sold 1,200 copies in 2 weeks (since the last update), which isn’t bad, considering all the Christmas and New Year sales – many thanks for the support.

7,194 people downloaded the demo and 549 people bought the game after – 7.6% conversion rate

We made a mistake counting locations somewhere (yes, I’m THAT absent-minded). Not 10 but 12 locations will be added​

For the list of locations to be added, read the update in full here.

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