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DivDiv reviewed at GameHelper

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DivDiv reviewed at GameHelper

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 25 February 2003, 22:32:42

Tags: Divine Divinity

Gamehelper has posted up yet another review of Divine Divinity. Basically, they describe the game numerous times as a sleeper hit.

I?m going to reveal my initial impressions up front because I genuinely thought I was playing a Diablo clone at first. The look and gameplay mimicked rather closely to Blizzard?s classic action/RPG game with the game?s isometric view and hack-and-slash style. While we?ve seen many of these clones surface over the years, I became quickly disappointed that Divine Divinity had followed the same path.

Boy was I wrong.​

Boy, were you close, though.

Spotted this at Blue's News

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