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Nuvie 0.5 Released

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Nuvie 0.5 Released

Mod News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 15 March 2014, 11:50:11

Tags: NUVIE; Ultima VI: The False Prophet; Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams; Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire

Nuvie, the Ultima VI engine remake which has been in development since forever, received a flurry of updates over the past few months. This has culminated in today's release of a new version, Nuvie 0.5. The project's website has the details:

The Nuvie team are proud to announce the special 11th anniversary release of Nuvie, Version 0.5

There has been a huge number of changes and enhancements since our last release. 350 commits to the source code. A summary of the major points are listed below.
  • Added the U6 end game sequence
  • Added in game menus where you can change lots of options without editing the cfg file.
  • Added custom paper doll art and custom actor tiles.
  • Added new game UI styles. (original+ and original+ full map.) video/game_style is used to choose what game style to use. fullscreen_map got changed to "new"style.
  • Added joystick (gamepad/controller) support which included major work done on making key bindings so that they are consistently configurable.
  • Added lots of new cheat commands and other key bindings including TOGGLE_FPS_DISPLAY, QUICK_SAVE, and QUICK_LOAD.
  • Added new container gumps, wooden sign gump, and a new CommandBar.
  • Added new message scroll, Daniel's new U6 celestial ribbon and original_style CommandBar for new style.
  • Added U6 use telescope and use silver horn.
  • Added support for spawning mutant (two headed) actors and increase the number of temporary actors in Ultima 6 by 21
  • Started work on MD/SE music support
  • Added support for SE intro/menu/character creation sequences. (still needs a bit of work)
  • Added support for MD/SE portraits
  • Added support for lua script based usecode logic.
  • Fixed in-game font support for MD/SE, some issues with conversation scripts, and lots of other bug fixes.
We are now going to direct our focus to the two worlds of ultima games!
Awwww yeah. Here are a couple of screenshots that demonstrate the engine's new custom paperdoll and sprite features:

[​IMG] [​IMG]

You can grab Nuvie here. For more screenshots and information, check out our thread, where team member Malignant Manor has been keeping us up to date with the latest news on the project.

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