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Might & Magic X Final Update: End of Support Announcement

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Might & Magic X Final Update: End of Support Announcement

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 19 June 2014, 00:43:41

Tags: Limbic Entertainment; Might & Magic X - Legacy; Ubisoft

In an unusual move, the Might & Magic X: Legacy team has formally announced the end of support for the game on its open development blog:

We’ve gone through a great deal together over the past year: the surprise announcement of "Might & Magic X – Legacy" at Pax East in March 2013; the subsequent launch of the OpenDev blog; the Early Access release; and finally, the official launch in January 2014.

Thanks to you and your support, we achieved way more than we could have done alone. Therefore, the team would like to truly thank you, and use this as an opportunity to look back on everything we came through together.

[...] However, even the best things come to an end eventually… Today we announce the end of the Might & Magic X – Legacy project. Indeed, the development team is now switching to exciting new projects. It’s painful for all of us to say goodbye to MMX, but rest assured you will hear about Might & Magic again soon.

No further updates are planned for the game or the website but we will continue to monitor the OpenDev blog and the forums, so you can be sure we’re still reading your comments! Indeed, today we would like to leave you the virtual keys so you can record all the amazing things you achieved. If you would like to share any information about the game, unofficial patches, workarounds, mods etc. please let us know in the comments.

The quest for the Agyn Peninsula is now over, companions. We shared great moments and achievements; and it was a real honor to fight by your side. We are leaving Karthal, our hearts full of pride from this successful mission to prevent the return of darkness. Until next time, adventurers--our journey in the world of Ashan is not yet over.
"The end of the Might & Magic X - Legacy project"! That's rather dire. It's a strange announcement, because the game hasn't been updated for months anyway. Why say this now? Perhaps they're planning to announce one of those "exciting new projects" soon...

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